Eufy HomeVac - Lightweight Upright Vacuum

If dirt is piling up on your flooring, or perhaps your drapes, followers, ceilings, automobile interiors and various other hard-to-reach areas, you definitely require a cleaning friend that is little and light to bring. and we have a specific companion in mind that'll do that.

The Eufy HomeVac duo 2-in-1 cordless Vacuum Cleaners(here’s a blog post on Lightweight! This remarkable equipment offers you the ease you require by being easy. It doesn't have wires to worry about and you can use it on any kind of surface that's unclean. It's rarely that you can make use of a vacuum cleaner for your floors in addition to your curtains and fans, am I right?

Eufy HomeVac

The Eufy HomeVac Lightweight has a really reliable, all-natural clean-up system with the big 0.9 L dust owner, better than Dyson V8. This clean-up system is extremely easy to empty. It rapidly separates for simple and easy clearing. This vacuum is also practical, mobile and has powerful sucking capabilities. Your residence will certainly be so tidy, it'll dropped like an all new residence!

Eufy is a spinoff company of Anker, a prominent wire and battery manufacturer. As A Result the Eufy HomeVac Duo has a superb lithium ion power supply: On its optimum establishing the HomeVac competed 22 mins right, longer than other cordless stick vacuums we have actually checked (though except the marketed 24 minutes battery life). When we ramped down the power, this vacuum ran for virtually a hr.Best Handheld Vacuum(Best Best Handheld Vacuum)

Cleaning Performance

This eufy robovac( article) is developed for optimum versatility and ability to move. Basically this product is a portable vacuum attached on a stick vacuum cleaner body so it experiences a little bit in suction power.

Yet unlike similar styled vacuums that only last for about 15 minutes, Anker was able to squeeze out regarding 24 minutes of run time in their 2,000 mAh lithium ion battery on typical mode, when you change it to eco-mode, the run time rises to 60 minutes, 22 minutes straight longer than any other cordless vac we've tested.

The portable vacuum part of this item features two add-ons-- a hole and brush roll that expands the capability. While it masters terms of convenience, it does not have in full power however, for place cleaning and cleaning bare flooring surface areas this vacuum will do well. It also has fingertip controls that toggle in between typical and eco mode. Usage regular mode when you're cleaning up medium pile carpeting and eco mode when cleaning bare floor surface areas like hardwood.Small Vacuum Cleaner(collection of

Bare Floor Performance

This is the surface where this vacuum excels. On bare flooring you can utilize the eco-mode to prolong run time to 60 mins and still have the ability to tidy dust on surface areas like ceramic tile, wood and linoleum.

It may have difficulty cleaning dust out of deep fractures discovered in old-style wood surface areas.

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Cleaning Performance on Carpet

Even if it does not have the suction power to be a deep cleaner this stick vac can get surface dust on reduced to medium stack carpets thanks to the rotating brush. Again, don't anticipate any type of deep cleaning from this.

Easy to Remove Pet Hair

On hardwood and furniture, this vacuum cleaner will can tidying up family pet hair however it will certainly have a hard time cleaning such on rug.


One of the most significant strengths of the HomeVac is its capability to clean most types of upholstery thanks to the detachable handheld unit system and devices that come with it. From material, leather or suede, this item can wipe dirt, dirt and even pet hair.eufy robovac 25c(article to grow


It features a cleanable HEPA style filter which means that it filters also to a HEPA filter but it isn't really a HEPA filter. Filter is inside the portable attachment and gaining access to it would certainly require having to eliminate the handheld unit initially. After removing the dust bag you after that continue to get rid of the dust cup. Basically criterion on all similarly made handheld vacuum.

Run time

On regular setting this will run fade cost-free for concerning thirty minutes thanks to the lithium ion battery. If you're cleaning up bare flooring you can switch it to the eco-mode and expand that run time right to 60 mins which is really great for a cordless cleaner at this price range.


Anker backs this up with an 18 month warranty and a 30-day cash back assurance, just make certain to review the small print in their website which essentially states that if you're returning this make certain that it has a quality-related defect otherwise you will certainly bear the shipping expense.

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